What’s your Volkswagen Zodiac?

Figure out which Volkswagen is a reflection of you... by your zodiac!

We all know that our vehicle is an extension of ourselves. They show our personality, lifestyle and character traits. If you are looking for a unique way to find your next vehicle, let the stars choose for you. Keep reading to see which vehicle matches your zodiac sign. 


As a water sign, you are known for being the life of the party and prefer the unconventional. The Beetle is fun, unique and (just like you) one of a kind.


Known for your patience and empathy, you are an escapist by nature. What better way to reflect your creative and compassionate soul than the iconic Microbus. This vehicle gives you the freedom to wander while offering enough room for all your friends to join.


With your energy and need for adventure, you are a trendsetter. EVs are all the rage now, but you already know this. Your vehicle is the e-Golf for its fun to drive, agile demeanor. It can keep up with your energy while still lowering greenhouse emissions.


Since you are known for being practical and reliable, you want a vehicle to reflect that. The Tiguan checks all the boxes. It offers spaciousness with careful attention to detail.


As a homebody by nature, you enjoy a steady and spacious space. The redesigned 2020 Passat has an intricate balance of high quality, value and modern comforts.


You are a natural-born leader with a vivacious passion. The Jetta GLI is a sporty, statement-making car that suits your bold, can’t be tamed self.


You need a practical, dependable vehicle to match your reliable and modest self. The Jetta is sassy, yet offers easy handling and a comprehensive suite of driver assist features for extra peace of mind.


Always going places and getting to your destination in style, the Arteon is the perfect blend of form and function.


Confident, passionate and always curious, the sleek and sporty Atlas Cross Sport fits you perfectly. It encourages spontaneity with the versatile space for every activity you can imagine.


You are free-spirited, fun and focused. This means you are always down for a good adventure. A perfect complement to your work hard, play hard personality is the Atlas. This seven-seater offers enough space for all your friends and family to join in on the adventures.


Ambitious yet practical and prudent, you don’t go for the flashy status symbols. The Golf GTI offers some flare but isn’t overwhelming. It is sturdy and reliable, which is the perfect powerhouse for you at a reasonable price.


You are much beloved due to your adventurous and versatile spirit. The Golf R is quick, fun and absolutely never dull. Just like your duel personality, the hatchback is practical with the soul of a sports-car.

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