2021 Volkswagen Jetta

Rail 2 Rail Sunroof

The Jetta’s available Rail 2 Rail power sunroof spans from roof to windshield and, of course, rail to rail. Here comes the sun!

LED Lights

The 2021 Jetta is equipped with LED headlights, tail lights and daytime running lights as standard. They light up the night, and they look like a million bucks.

Digital Cockpit

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is an intuitive, customizable 12.3" digital display that lets you tailor your display to your distinct driving needs. If it sounds pretty cool, that’s because it is!

Ambient Interior Lighting

Colour is scientifically proven to affect your mood. With ambient interior lighting in the 2021 Jetta, you can enhance the joy of every drive with 10 different colours to choose from.

Ventilated and heated front seats

Keep cool in the summer – and warm in the winter – with the Jetta GLI’s ventilated and heated front sport bucket seats.

Standard features

These standout specs come standard on every 2021 VW. No fine print. No extra cost. Just great value.


App-Connect integrates the smartphone apps that you need most on the road into your Volkswagen using Apple CarPlay® for iPhone®, or Android Auto™ for Android™ smartphones. That means you can control your apps with your voice or right from the app-connect screen.

Rearview camera

The rearview camera makes backing out of the driveway or parallel parking much easier.

Post-collision Braking

Help stop accidents in their tracks. The moment an accident is detected, the system is designed to automatically tighten seat belts and trigger emergency braking to help prevent further accidents.

Live on the bright side

The beauty of automatic headlights is never having to think about them. They turn on in the dark and turn off in bright conditions.


The BeatsAudio premium sound system features 8 speakers and a bass-pumping subwoofer tuned to perfection.

Remote Start

With remote start, you can start the engine with the click of a button on your key fob – perfect for warming up your car on those chilly Canadian mornings.

Driver profile selection

Driver profile selection lets you store personal settings for different features such as seat position, climate control, radio stations and more.

From white to yellow

Feel warm inside. Personalize your driving experience with your own ambient color.

And from blue to violet

Or feel electric. Personalize your driving experience with your own ambient color

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is great for keeping the same speed. This system goes further, as it’s designed to maintain a preset following distance. Without you touching the pedals, the system is designed to automatically brake when traffic slows and resume your set speed when traffic picks up again

Lane Assist

Catch your drift. If Lane Assist detects that you have started to stray into another lane without using the turn signal, the system is designed to help keep you in the correct lane.

Blind Spot Monitor

On some road trips, you just can’t take in everything you wanted to see. This handy feature is designed to use a radar to trigger a warning light in your side-view mirror to help notify you if a vehicle is detected out of view in your blind spot.

Light Assist

Everyone forgets sometimes. Lucky for you, Light Assist is designed to always remember to turn the high beams on or off again when needed. So you never have to be that driver again.

It’s all about balance

The Jetta GLI features sport-tuned Dynamic Chassis Control, a computer-controlled adaptive damping system that ensures a balance between razor-sharp handling responses and ultimate driving comfort. Plus, this advanced system allows you to adjust the suspension and steering stiffness to suit the road conditions or your driving style.

GLI styling

Become the envy of every driver on the road. The GLI’s aerodynamic styling includes striking red calipers, a sporty rear lip spoiler, and large ventilated disc brakes with incredible stopping power. Finish off with the exclusive sport bumper and GLI badge, and you’re guaranteed stares wherever you go.

Even the steering wheel is sporty

The Jetta GLI always steers clear of mediocrity. That’s why it comes with a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel, taking your driving experience to the next level.

German engineering knows best

Safety-first features and a fun-to-drive experience, with high-quality build and high- performance power – it’s easy to see the beauty of German engineering in the Jetta GLI.

228 HP turbocharged engine

Experience serious get-up-and-go with the 228-horsepower engine. Because when it comes to performance, you can’t fake the thrill of the drive.

†Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws, including speed limits.

Sport suspension

The Jetta GLI’s lowered sport-tuned suspension, featuring performance front and rear sway bars and electronically adjustable shock absorbers, makes easy work of tight corners.

Mechanical limited-slip differential

The mechanical limited-slip differential automatically adjusts torque between the front wheels for precise cornering. Point the steering wheel to the apex, punch the gas and go.

†Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws, including speed limits.

Performance disc brakes

German engineering doesn’t just drive well, it also brakes well. The Jetta GLI features performance disc brakes that boast reliable and powerful braking.

†Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws, including speed limits.

Standard on auto transmission

Change how you change gears in the Jetta GLI. Paddle shifters on the automatic transmission allow you to quickly and simply shift gears while exercising greater control.

This is how we roll

The powerful 2021 Jetta GLI boasts the beautiful 18” black Sevilla wheels. It’s style and performance, rolled into one.

Join the dark side

Sport an even sportier look in the Jetta GLI, now with standard Black Package styling. It comes with a black rear spoiler that enhances the sporty silhouette, while the black exterior mirror housings and roof elements add to its already good looks.

See the light

Let there be light! The Jetta GLI’s Rail 2 Rail power sunroof covers the entire front two-thirds of the roof.

On the brighter side

Better-looking and better for the environment, LED headlights, tail lights, and daytime running lights all come standard in the Jetta GLI. You’ll love them, and the driver behind you will appreciate them too.

With heated rear seats

A vehicle of all seasons, the Jetta GLI features standard ventilated and heated front seats with heated rear seats. That means you can cool down or warm up with a tap of a button.

Wire-free, stress-free

Charge your phone wirelessly with the wireless charging pad. Once paired to the App-Connect infotainment system, your phone is automatically connected so you can enjoy a hands-free experience.

A super charged drive

Plug in and power up. The 2021 Jetta GLI comes with two standard USB C-ports and power outlets, so you can recharge on the road.

We’ve got your back

The rearview camera makes backing out of the driveway or parallel parking much easier.

†Driver assistance feature. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving. Please review the owner’s manual for feature limitations.

Open sesame

Gone are the days of fumbling for your keys. KESSY keyless access automatically unlocks the door when you simply touch the door handle.

Near, far, wherever you are

With Remote Start, you can start the engine with the click of a button on your key fob – perfect for warming up your car on those chilly Canadian mornings.

†Available on Automatic Transmission only

Digital Cockpit

GLI offers viewable navigation on the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, a fully immersive, customizable and configurable experience to suit your unique driving style and needs.

†Do not drive distracted. Drivers must pay full attention to the road and safe driving at all times.

BeatsAudio® premium sound

Turn up the tunes with BeatsAudio® premium sound. The 8-speaker system with subwoofer delivers crisp, studio-quality sound.

*Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented above, though pricing, equipment, or other details may change at any time without notice. For more information please contact the dealership.